Police Services Ask Feds To Postpone July 2018 Cannabis Act Start Date

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Ontario Provincial Police and the Saskatoon Police Service asked for delay of implementation of Cannabis Act.

 The three organizations were in attendance at Parliamentary hearings on the legislation. The organizations argued that a postponement is necessary for the successful implementation of the legislation. When questioned, the chiefs stated a six month window will be present where police will not be ready.

Police was also opposed to permitting individuals to grow more than four plants as the legislation itself will enable people to purchase Cannabis.

“Why do you need home grows when we’re going to have a good system to access marijuana legally?” asked one of the Chief Barnum of the Canadian Association of Police Chifs.

Their representatives stated that more time and resources are needed to train offices to deal with the new laws. Visit www.cannabis-regulations.ca for the latest updates and www.twitter.com/CannabislawTO for live coverage of the parliamentary hearings. To watch the live stream, please click here.

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